Video Production

Made up of realistic, passionate and multi-talented individuals, we are the ones who make complicated processes easy and we’re able to guide you from idealisation to final delivery. Wonder how it works? These are the different ‘departments’ in a video production and each one of them play a crucial role to your success.
  • Producer


    Plan resources


    Gather talent


    Secure locations


    Hire crew


  • Director


    Fun & friendly


    Artists feel comfortable


    Eye for great art


    Gets stuff done


  • Camera Unit


    Director of photography


    Camera operator


    Ultra-high definition gear


    Lots of patience


  • Sound Crew


    Boom operator


    Sound recordist


    Voice-over & ADR


    Attentive to detail


  • Post-production


    Video editing


    Motion graphics & titles


    Sound mixing


    Colour grading & mastering



Aerial Imaging

Capture unforgettable bird's eye view from the top. Suitable for various businesses and industries such as construction, real-estate, tourism and sports.

Branding & Advertising

Create tailored videos for Facebook, YouTube and various other social advertising platforms. Reach out to customers through targeted and powerful messaging.

Events & Conferences

From event graphics to post-event highlights, we cover a range of production services including multi-camera live feed, event coverage, audiovisual systems and recording.

Live Webcast & Streaming

Connect and share with a larger audience through innovative video conferencing. Setup webinars, build better brand exposure, interact with your customers without restriction.

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